Unternavigation im Bereich: About Ruma

From idea to business

Urine tests are at the same time important tool and necessary evil in many areas. In every context where information on consumer behavior regarding drugs, alcohol or performance enhancing substances is required, urine is used as an easily obtainable matrix for analysis.

But even though urine can be collected easily and without interference with physical integrity - it is also easily manipulated. Observation during urine sample collection is supposed to ensure at least that the right urine sample is analyzed and not one that may have been secretly substituted by the respective test subject.

We at Ruma GmbH believe that this situation is decidedly unsatisfactory. Observed collection is degrading for all parties involved, and its actual benefit regarding result reliability is rather low. For this reason we developed a procedure that ensures identity and quality of the respective urine sample without invasion of privacy: the Ruma Marker-System.

Since 2006 the Ruma Marker-System serves physicians, psychologists, correctional staff, probation officers and, of course, patients and test subjects in therapy, detox and work place related questions with verified and reproducible analysis results and facilitated practical workflows. The Ruma Marker-System is easy to use and unrivalled in terms of results. Against the backdrop of our many years of experience and on the basis of continuing scientific studies it is our aim to support you and your important work with reliable, noninvasive urine testing.

Company Policy

The following positions define and specify the principles of our business approach against the backdrop of our company philosophy regarding the satisfaction of our customers and colleagues, the conservation of environmental resources and occupational safety:

Our Commitment

  • All our actions aim at the continuous improvement of our services, our technology, our cost as well as the efficiency and speed of our processes.
  • Our goal is to be better than the competition. The first-rate image or our business is the result of performance and effort.
  • We commit to maintain and to continuously develop our quality standard introduce and certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Planning and execution of projects or new process develoments are anchored in our processes and are controlled by our internal project management.

Our Customers and interested Parties

  • In service to our customers we prioritize and assess quality during product purchasing and production.
  • We regularly evaluate the risks and chances of our business activities.
  • All works are executed carefully and correct to the best of our belief. Occurring errors are corrected immediately. Fault prevention and cause elimination has priority over corrective action.
  • The quality standards set forth are monitored and compliance or deviation are documented.
  • We recognize and respect the requirements and expectations of our customers and our interested parties.
  • We treat our customers and interested parties as partners.
  • For us, promises and agreements are binding.

Our Employees

  • We promote training, motivation and further education.
  • We offer performance-linked wages and social benefits.
  • We demand and promote commitment, productivity, responsibility, dilligence and teamwork.
  • We promote the idea of quality assurance throughout our business.

Our safety

  • Our safety results from our product.
  • We take all necessary steps to eliminate or reduce potential defects.
  • We adhere to all legal requirements and provisions.

Our goals

  • Our pursuit of continual improvement is guided by the goals we set for ourselves. For us, reaching these goals has the highest priority.
  • We continuously monitor the progress of our action using defined processes and we introduce corrective measures, if necessary.
  • We define our goals as follows:
    • We want to establish the Ruma Marker-System as the preferred procedure in all areas of urine testing. To this end, we support our partner laboratories with targeted marketing activities as well as routine instruction and advanced training courses.
    • We want to develop new market segments by increasing the popularity of our procedure and by creating the regulatory framework that allows the use of the Ruma Marker-System in previously inaccessible areas.
    • We want to ensure user satisfaction through highest requirements in terms of quality and care. Because user satisfaction is the indispensable basis for the satisfaction of our customers.

Monika Wetzke, July 11th, 2017