Unternavigation im Bereich: About Ruma

From idea to company

Urine tests are an important tool and necessary evil in many domains. Urine is used as an easy to collect test sample in the domains, which require information about consumption patterns related to drugs, alcohol or performance-enhancing substances.

But even if urine can be collected easily and without any intervention into bodily functions, it easily can be manipulated. Visual monitoring during the collection of urine samples should at least ensure that the right urine sample is tested and not a sample that has been manipulated or exchanged by the respective test subject.

At Ruma GmbH we take the view that this situation is extremely unsatisfactory. Visual monitoring is degrading for all the parties involved and its actual benefit with regard to the certainty of the results is very little. Due to this reason, we have developed a method, which ensures the identity and quality of the respective urine sample without interfering with the private sphere: the Ruma Marker System.

Since 2006 the Ruma Marker System is used by physicians, psychologists, judicial authorities, probation officers as well as patients, in the domain of therapy, withdrawal and questions related to work safety. This has been made possible by verified and understandable analyses and simplified processes. The Ruma Marker System is easy to use and unsurpassed when it comes to results. In light of our experience spanning many years and based on scientific studies, it is our endeavour to support your important work through reliable, non-invasive urine tests.