The Ruma Marker System in penal system and probation services

The drug tests in the penal system are legally regulated. For example, the Penal System Act of North Rhine Westphalia (StVollzG NRW) states:

┬ž 65
Measures for detecting drug consumption

(1) Zur Aufrechterhaltung der Sicherheit oder Ordnung der Anstalt k├Ânnen allgemein oder im Einzelfall Ma├čnahmen angeordnet werden, die geeignet sind, den Missbrauch von Suchtmitteln festzustellen. Diese Ma├čnahmen d├╝rfen nicht mit einem k├Ârperlichen Eingriff verbunden sein.

(1) To maintain the safety or order in the institution, general or specific measures can be initiated, which are suitable for the detection of drug abuse. These measures should not be associated with any bodily intervention.
This brings the question of sample integrity into limelight, but with another restriction: On the one hand, the results of a judicial verification must be sustained and on the other hand, the ban on bodily intervention rules out test methods through blood or saliva. The skin must be pierced to collect a blood sample. The simulation of salivation to collect sufficient quantity of a sample represents intervention into a natural body function.
As a result, only urine remains as a suitable test medium. Urine is produced in sufficient quantity and the analytics methods, in contrast to saliva or capillary blood, is tested and established. You can find more information under "ÔÇťWhy urineÔÇŁ".

With regard to probation services he situation looks bit different. In accordance with Article 68b of the German Penal Code, the court may give an order that the condemned person must be subjected to a drug test. However, this is subject to consent of the condemned in accordance with Article 56c of the German Penal Code, if such a test is linked with a physical intervention:

┬ž 56c

(3) The directive,
1. Treatment associated with a bodily intervention or subject to withdrawal treatment or
2. To stay in a suitable facility or institution, may be carried out only with the consent of the condemned person.

Therefore, urine test is the method of choice even for the probation services and the proven advantages of the Ruma Marker System are available in their complete scope:

  • Safe allocation of the urine sample without visual monitoring
  • Safe, forensically accredited analysis of sample integrity based on state-of-the-art technology and latest scientific principles
  • Planning security for your organisational processes without waiting period for going to the toilet or same-sex escort