The Ruma Marker System in sports

Doping is as old as the competitive sports itself.

In light of this uncomfortable truth, sportspersons all over the world has to undergo strictly controlled drug tests.

“Great sports begins at a point
Where it has ceased,
to be healthy”
Berthold Brecht

Urine is the preferred medium even here – with the known negative effects:

  • Increased stress for the tested athletes due to degrading visual inspection on the one hand
  • Known deficiencies of visual inspection and the associated risk of successful manipulation on the other hand

Stress has detrimental effect on performance

Various studies prove that a significant number of athletes have major problems with doping tests (e.g. Strahler & Elbe, 2007).

The perceived general suspicion is one of the main reasons that put stress on the sportspersons. But even the drug tests themselves cause stress resulting in psychological disorders such as psychogenic micturition. The consequences of these disorders were examined by the Danish scientist Anne-Marie Elbe(Elbe et al. 2012).

Our contribution to clean sports

Doping tests are an important tool in competitive sports and this fact is undisputed. However, we question the necessity of exposing the athletes to increased stress of visual inspection. Because there are is another option!

Instead of escorting the test subjects to the toilet, the controller just controls the 30-minute waiting time. The controller can relax and just ensure that nothing is imbibed during this time or the test subject does not have access to other substances such as soap or disinfectants!

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