Unternavigation im Bereich: The Procedure

The Ruma Marker System offers maximum safety and protection against
manipulation attempts in urine testing

Manipulation attempts in urine testing are a common problem. There are numerous ways to try and achieve a false-negative result.

The patented Ruma Marker-System addresses this problem and ensures that the urine sample to be tested originates from the right person and is available in the appropriate quality.

The application in clinical practice is simple and can be integrated easily into the existing routines. The key for our success lies in the qualitative pre-analysis and precise laboratory analysis in accordance with state-of-the-art science and technology.

The benefits for all parties involved are obvious:

  • Scientific reliability instead of guesswork during supervision
  • Safety guaranteed through informative and comprehensive results
  • Verified integrity of the sample instead of just excluding sample substitution
  • No strain on the relation between physician and patient due to degrading visual inspection
  • Reduced time requirements and streamlined practice
  • No additional personnel expenses due to same-sex escort to the toilet

No other procedure offers these advantages.