Unternavigation im Bereich: The Procedure

Notes on the clinical application of the urine marker solution

Mix the marker substance with a beverage sweetened with regular household sugar and have the patient drink the mix right in front of you. The patient can collect the sample on their own after at least 40 minutes.

The collected urine sample is then prepared for transport to one of our authorized partner labs. You will receive the results through electronic communication or by fax.

Please note:
Sample collection for forensic purposes must meet specific requirements. Please request our designated Sample Collection Protocol for Forensic Purposes in these instances.

The process step by step

Before administering the marker, enter the personal data of the patient into the head section of the lab slip, e. g. name, date of birth and gender. Next, attach the provided sample barcodes to the urine tubes and the lab slip.

There is a two-piece sticker with a 10-digit numeric code on the marker bottle. This code identifies the marker based on a database, which is stored with our certified manufacturer. The part of the sticker that also includes an additional barcode is intended for the lab. Please attach this half to the lab slip or - if applicable in your country - to the letter of referral. The remaining half is intended for your documentation.

Pour the entire contents of the marker bottle into a cup filled with approx. 200 ml/7 fl oz of a beverage sweetened with household sugar. We suggest tea or water containing 150g/5.3 oz of household sugar per liter/0.26 gal (30 g/1 oz per prepared cup). A full bladder should be voided before administering the marker. Methadone can be mixed in with the marker solution.

Please note:
Check the patient's mouth cavity immediately after marker intake to make sure that there is no means (e. g. small sponge) that might absorbe some of the marker substance.

The urine sample can be collected without direct observation after 40 minutes. It is not necessary to monitor the patient during the waiting period. Longer waiting periods are also possible. However, please keep in mind that the laboratory will require the first urine sample after administering the marker.

Make sure to give a new cup to the patient for urine collection and never the cup that was used to administer the marker!

Now prepare the urine sample for shipment. To this end, draw the urine into the provided tube and then place that tube into the shipping tube that has also been provided. Store the sample in a fridge/freezer until transport/shipping.

UN 3373 safety bags should be used to ship samples for forensic purposes. Such bags cannot be opened without damage once they are sealed to comply with chain of custody requirements. Our partner labs will be happy to provide these bags on request.

You will receive the results from your assigned partner lab.
Should the analysis yield results that may indicate a medical condition the lab will notify you. If this is the case you should seek clarification through a medical professional. Otherwise the sample will be deemed manipulated.

Certified sample collectors

Do you have further questions regarding the specific requirements on the handling of forensic samples in criminal cases or instances related to traffic safety?
We will be happy to provide information on our extensive quality assurance system and our accredited advanced training courses.
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