Unternavigation im Bereich: The Procedure

Notes on the clinical application of urine marker solution

The marker substance is mixed with a beverage sweetened with normal household sugar and it is then imbibed under supervision. The patient can independently submit the sample after at least 30 minutes.

The collected urine sample is then prepared for the transport to the partner laboratory responsible for you. You will receive the findings through electronic communication or by fax.

The detailed process

Before administering the marker, the header of the laboratory card is filled out with the personal details of the test subject – e.g. name, date of birth and gender. The supplied sample barcodes are then used and pasted to the urine tubes and the request form.

There is a two-piece sticker with a 10-digit numeric code on the marker bottle. This code identifies the marker based on a database, which is defined for DIN EN ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. One half of the sticker, which has an additional barcode, is meant for laboratory use. Please paste this half to the laboratory card or to the transfer form. The second half is meant for your documentation.

Pour the entire contents of the marker bottle into a cup filled with approx. 200 ml of fluid sweetened with household sugar. For example, tea or water with 150g of crystal sugar per litre (30g/cup) is appropriate. A full urinary bladder should be emptied before administering the marker. Methadone to be administered can be mixed with the marker solution.

Urine sample can be collected without visual inspection after 30 minutes. It is not necessary to monitor the patient during the waiting period. Longer waiting periods are also possible. However, please keep in mind that the laboratory will require the first urine sample after administering the marker.

Please give a new cup to the patient for submitting the urine sample and never give the cup that was used to administer the marker!

Now prepare the urine sample for shipment. To do this pour the urine sample into the supplied urine tube and slide this tube into the supplied transport container.

You will receive the results from the partner laboratory responsible for your area.

The laboratory will give an indication if the urine test shows any striking results, which can also be caused by an illness. In this case, you should seek a medical clarification, because a manipulation of the urine sample can be assumed otherwise.