Unternavigation im Bereich: The Procedure

The Markers

The Ruma Markers we use are polyethylene glycols – also called macrogols – which only pass through the body due to their specific properties and are excreted unchanged through the urinary bladder. We use this complete lack of effect to mark the patient's urine sample without any risk or possible interaction with other substances and thus to prove the identity of the urine donor.

At present, we use 6 different marker substances that present very distinct analytical results. As neither the patient nor the physician are aware which marker is administered in any given situation, the swapping of already marked urine samples is also easily detectable.

Under normal circumstances the marker requires 30 minutes to reach the bladder naturally. In rare cases, 1:250,000, a slightly longer waiting period is required for delayed urination.
Because this distinction made some of our users uncertain as to when the longer waiting period should apply, we set the waiting period between Marker intake and sample collection to 40 Minutes for all patients. It is our hope that this slight adjustment will make the Marker-System even more user friendly.

Hence, 40 Minutes is the minimum time that must elapse untill submission of the urine sample. Longer waiting periods, even several hours, are also possible. The lab just requires the first urine after marker intake.

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