The Pro­ce­du­re

The ap­pli­ca­ti­on of the Ru­ma® Mar­ker-Sys­tem using the ex­ample of the li­quid mar­ker Ru­ma® Clas­sic

The Ru­ma Mar­ker-Sys­tem of­fers ma­xi­mum safe­ty and pro­tec­tion against ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on at­tempts in uri­ne tes­ting.

Ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on at­tempts in uri­ne tes­ting are a com­mon pro­blem. The­re are nu­merous ways to try and achie­ve a fal­se-ne­ga­ti­ve re­sult.


The Ru­ma Mar­ker-Sys­tem ad­dres­ses this pro­blem and en­su­res that the uri­ne sam­ple to be tested ori­gi­na­tes from the right per­son and is availa­ble in the ap­pro­pria­te qua­li­ty. 


The prac­ti­cal ap­pli­ca­ti­on is simp­le and can be in­te­gra­ted ea­si­ly in­to the exis­ting rou­ti­nes. The key to our suc­cess lies in our qua­li­ty con­trol­led pre-ana­ly­ti­cal pro­ce­du­res and pre­cise la­bo­ra­to­ry ana­ly­sis in ac­cor­dance with sta­te-of-the-art sci­ence and tech­no­lo­gy.



Ru­ma® Di­gi­tal Sys­tem and Ru­ma® Di­gi­tal Sys­tem Pro

The un­be­a­ta­ble app team for lo­ca­ti­on in­de­pen­dent uri­ne tes­ting. 


Com­bi­ne the re­lia­bi­li­ty of the Ru­ma® Mar­ker-Sys­tem with the mo­bi­li­ty of the di­gi­tal world.


The be­ne­fits for all par­ties in­vol­ved are ob­vious:

  • Sci­en­ti­fic re­lia­bi­li­ty in­s­tead of guess­work du­ring di­rect ob­ser­va­ti­on
  • Con­clu­si­ve and com­pre­hen­si­ve re­sults pro­vi­de cer­tain­ty and re­lia­bi­li­ty
  • Ve­ri­fied in­te­gri­ty of the sam­ple in­s­tead of just ex­clu­ding sam­ple sub­sti­tu­ti­on
  • Phy­si­ci­an-pa­ti­ent re­la­ti­ons are not com­pro­mi­zed by de­gra­ding di­rect ob­ser­va­ti­on
  • Re­du­ced time re­qui­re­ments and stream­li­ned prac­ti­ce ope­ra­ti­ons
  • No ad­di­tio­nal per­son­nel ex­pen­ses due to sa­me-sex es­cort to the ba­th­room


No other pro­ce­du­re of­fers the­se ad­van­ta­ges.

The Mar­kers

The Ru­ma Mar­kers we use are po­ly­ethy­le­ne gly­cols – al­so cal­led ma­cro­gols – which on­ly pass through the bo­dy due to their spe­ci­fic pro­per­ties and are ex­creted un­chan­ged through the urina­ry blad­der. We use this com­ple­te lack of ef­fect to mark the pa­ti­ent's uri­ne sam­ple wit­hout any risk or pos­si­ble in­ter­ac­tion with other sub­s­tan­ces and thus to pro­ve the iden­ti­ty of the uri­ne do­nor.


At pre­sent, we use 6 dif­fe­rent mar­ker sub­s­tan­ces that pre­sent ve­ry dis­tinct ana­ly­ti­cal re­sults. As neit­her the pa­ti­ent nor the phy­si­ci­an are awa­re which mar­ker is ad­mi­nis­te­red in any gi­ven si­tua­ti­on, the swap­ping of al­re­ady mar­ked uri­ne samp­les is al­so ea­si­ly de­tec­ta­ble.


Un­der nor­mal cir­cums­tan­ces the mar­ker re­qui­res 30 mi­nu­tes to re­ach the blad­der na­tu­ral­ly. In ra­re ca­ses, 1:250,000, a slight­ly lon­ger wai­ting pe­ri­od is re­qui­red for de­layed uri­na­ti­on.

Be­cau­se this dis­tinc­tion ma­de so­me of our users un­cer­tain as to when the lon­ger wai­ting pe­ri­od should ap­ply, we set the wai­ting pe­ri­od bet­ween Mar­ker in­ta­ke and sam­ple collec­tion to 40 Mi­nu­tes for all pa­ti­ents. It is our ho­pe that this slight ad­just­ment will make the Mar­ker-Sys­tem even mo­re user fri­end­ly.


Hence, 40 Mi­nu­tes is the mi­ni­mum time that must elap­se un­till sub­mis­si­on of the uri­ne sam­ple. Lon­ger wai­ting pe­ri­ods, even seve­r­al hours, are al­so pos­si­ble. The lab just re­qui­res the first uri­ne af­ter mar­ker in­ta­ke.


Click he­re to learn mo­re about the sci­en­ti­fic back­ground.


Plea­se al­so re­fer to our se­pe­ra­te in­for­ma­ti­on on the Ru­ma® Cap­su­le and on Ru­ma® Di­gi­tal Sys­tem/Pro.

Cli­ni­cal ap­pli­ca­ti­on of the uri­ne mar­ker so­lu­ti­on

Mix the mar­ker sub­s­tan­ce with a be­ver­age swee­te­ned with re­gu­lar hou­se­hold su­gar and have the pa­ti­ent drink the mix right in front of you. The pa­ti­ent can collect the sam­ple on their own af­ter at least 40 mi­nu­tes.


The collec­ted uri­ne sam­ple is then pre­pa­red for trans­port to one of our au­tho­ri­zed part­ner labs. You will re­cei­ve the re­sults through elec­tro­nic com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on or by fax.


Plea­se no­te:
Sam­ple collec­tion for fo­ren­sic pur­po­ses must meet spe­ci­fic re­qui­re­ments. Plea­se re­quest our de­si­gna­ted Sam­ple Collec­tion Pro­to­col for Fo­ren­sic Pur­po­ses in the­se in­s­tan­ces.

Con­ve­ni­ent - Cle­an - No-fuss

All the ad­van­ta­ges of the tried and tested Ru­ma® Mar­ker-Sys­tem in a new form



We de­ve­lo­ped the cap­su­le as an al­ter­na­ti­ve ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on form for the well-known Ru­ma® mar­ker sub­s­tan­ces. In add­ti­on to the es­ta­blis­hed PEGs it con­tai­nes the co­lorant Bril­li­ant Blue. If the cap­su­le re­mains in the mouth too long, e.g. for the pur­po­se of ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on, it dis­sol­ves and re­leases the dye: the mouth ca­vi­ty turns blue. This makes oral ca­vi­ty che­cking much ea­si­er and the­re's no need to add su­gar as is do­ne with the li­quid mar­kers.

Bril­li­ant Blue is a harm­less food ad­di­ti­ve that is used in many pro­ducts such as cakes, ice cream but al­so mouth­wasch and gel tooth­pas­te. The co­lorant is ex­creted wit­hout be­ing di­gested and it does not have any ef­fect on the co­lor of uri­ne.



De­di­ca­ted to this new field of ap­pli­ca­ti­on, we de­ve­lo­ped a new form of ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on for the tried and tested Ru­ma Mar­kers - the Ru­ma Cap­su­le!

Cle­an, ea­sy to ap­ply, and re­ady to use wit­hout fur­ther pre­pa­ra­ti­on.


Mul­ti­laye­red se­cu­ri­ty fea­tures on se­con­da­ry and pri­may pa­cka­ging are ve­ri­fied by the app to pro­tect against sub­sti­tu­ti­on of the in­di­vi­dual­ly mar­ked cap­su­le.


To do so, we are using the gui­de­li­nes and re­com­men­da­ti­ons of the EU Fal­si­fied Me­di­ci­nes Di­rec­ti­ve 2011/62/EU in or­der to in­te­gra­te the Ru­ma Mar­ker-Sys­tem even mo­re smooth­ly in­to the health ca­re sys­tem.


The cap­su­le its­elf con­tains, in ad­di­ti­on to the mar­ker sub­s­tan­ces them­sel­ves ,a blue dye that per­forms the job of the su­gar with the li­quid mar­kers: the cap­su­le dis­sol­ves in the mouth if not swal­lowed in a ti­me­ly man­ner, re­leasing the dye and co­lo­ring the oral ca­vi­ty blue. This way, at­tempts to not ac­tual­ly swal­low the cap­su­le be­co­me im­me­dia­te­ly and re­lia­b­ly vi­si­ble.

Ab­so­lu­te­ly re­lia­ble


Wir ha­ben die neue Dar­rei­chungs­form wis­sen­schaft­lich über­prü­fen las­sen. Die Stu­die zur Aus­schei­dungs­ki­ne­tik be­legt, dass auch hier die Mar­ker zu 100% im La­bor de­tek­tiert wer­den. Die War­te­zeit bis zur Ab­ga­be der Urin­pro­be be­trägt für die Kap­sel 60 Mi­nu­ten.

Die voll­stän­di­gen Stu­di­en­ergeb­nis­se kön­nen Sie hier her­un­ter­la­den. We had the new form of ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on tested in a sci­en­ti­fic stu­dy. This stu­dy on ex­cre­ti­on ki­ne­tics de­mons­tra­tes that this form as well has a la­bo­ra­to­ry de­tec­tion ra­te of 100%. Using the cap­su­le the wai­ting pe­ri­od un­til the uri­ne sam­ple can be collec­ted is 60 mi­nu­tes.


You can down­load the com­ple­te re­sults of the stu­dy he­re.


Con­ve­ni­ent and Lo­ca­ti­on-In­de­pen­dent


Whe­ther at home or on the go - App and cap­su­le can be used any time. In to­tal pri­va­cy. Vi­si­ting your health ca­re pro­vi­der is on­ly ne­cess­a­ry to crea­te the in­iti­al link bet­ween sam­ple collec­tor and sam­ple do­nor.

Short in­tro­duc­tion in­to the cor­rect ap­pli­ca­ti­on of the Ru­ma® Mar­ker Cap­su­le in the me­di­cal of­fice/in­sti­tu­ti­on

The Ana­ly­sis

The Mar­ker Ana­ly­sis de­ter­mi­nes whe­ther the uri­ne sam­ple con­tains the ad­mi­nis­te­red mar­ker and whe­ther it is pre­sent in suf­fici­ent quan­ti­ty. Com­ple­te ab­sence of the mar­ker is an in­di­ca­ti­on of sam­ple sub­sti­tu­ti­on. Ve­ry litt­le mar­ke vo­lu­me sug­gests di­lu­ti­on. This ap­plies to di­lu­ti­on with “cle­an” uri­ne as well.

The Ru­ma Mar­ker-Sys­tem is mo­re than just the se­arch for the ad­mi­nis­te­red mar­ker. We use 4 pil­lars to test the uri­ne samp­les for ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on from all per­spec­ti­ves:

  • Mar­ker ana­ly­sis
  • Crea­ti­nine ana­ly­sis
  • Glu­co­se ana­ly­sis
  • Sam­ple in­te­gri­ty ana­ly­sis

Why Uri­ne?

Uri­ne samp­les are of­ten sub­ject to va­rious ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on at­tempts. This is a well-known and of­ten bemo­aned pro­blem.


That's why scientific research has been looking for quite some time for an alternative that might be less susceptible to such manipulations. Below we would like to show why urine is still the matrix of choice by investigating two such alternatives:

Much more pressing in the current situation, however, is the question how the risk of infection during collection of urine samples can be minimized.


Numerous addiction treatment facilities are already closed, and it has become a challenge to ensure health care for patients in MAT. Because addiction patients face an extreme risk due to comorbidities.


In order to alleviate the pressure treatment facilities are facing, take home is used as an alternative. This is where the app package Ruma® Digital System and Ruma® Digital System Pro can help to keep communication between doctor and patient in tact. It allows location independent urine testing and reduces the number of necessary visits to the medical office.

FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked about the Ruma Marker-System and its practical application. Below please find answers to relevant questions that were posed in the past. We hope they also contribute to a better understanding of our procedure.

Plea­se don't hesi­ta­te to con­ta­ct us should you have any ques­ti­ons that are not ans­we­red be­low.

Practical application of the Ruma® Marker-System

The Ruma® Marker-System is used in many areas. Learn more about the range of possible applications.